A first-Wednesday-of-the-month chouette in London E5

A chouette in action

Come and play group backgammon for small stakes with a bunch of friendly backgammon fans. It's a great way to enjoy playing an intriguing board game, have a little flutter and learn about backgammon tactics and strategies from the discussion that always ensues (once a cube is turned, of course - see below).

Here's what you need to know...

First Wednesday of the month
Any time from 7.00 - 11.00 (It's OK to come late or go early - as long as you settle up!)

If you're new to chouettes, you may have to pick it up as you go along, though there are many places online where you can read about the rules. Here's an example - - here's another - though our rules may vary slightly.
Some of our practices:
No consulting before a cube is turned
The team cubes/takes in sequence
Box takes or drops all of 'first cubing'
£1.00 per point
Jacoby Rule applies
Beavers apply
But Racoons don't

Rules clarification/update (Jan '18)
It was felt worth making the following points re rules/playing practices
a) Declining of the Box: the captain, upon beating the box, can choose to decline playing as box. In this case, the person scheduled to be captain will take the box. The next person on the list will then take that person's place as captain.
b) Consultation: no communication of any kind should take place over cube decisions. This includes any query about whether a team member wants to cube before the captain shakes the dice. Team members may, however, stop the captain in the act of shaking to express a wish to cube. With this in mind, the captain is advised to shake in a leisurely fashion!
c) Pip count: the pip count is taken to be common knowledge.

Rules clarification/update (June '18)
d) Consultation #2: only team members who have cubed or taken a cube can consult. The captain can be involved in consultation even if s/he has not cubed/taken a cube but may not offer a view. (If one team member is the only player to have cubed, s/he can only consult with him/herself - just as is the actual state of affairs with some regular players in this chouette anyway.)
e) Siding with the box: when the box doubles all from the centre and only one player takes, s/he is obliged to also take cubes offered by any of the other players on payment of 1 x the undoubled cube value - unless the one player then chooses to drop box's cube. No consultation is allowed between former team members and the box. Subsequent cube decisions are independent.

Rules clarification/update (Nov '18)
f) Captain's Cube: the box may not drop the captain's cube unless also dropping all other cubes offered at that time. (Box must take all or drop all cubes offered in the first cubing.)

Clapton Hart, 231, Lower Clapton Road, E5 8EG This is a nice spacious pub that serves food, tea and coffee as well as the usual range of booze, etc.

The Clapton Hart

There's parking nearby and it's six minutes walk from Clapton train station. For buses, you want Lea Bridge Roundabout bus stop (serves 393, 106, 253, 425, 488, N253 55, 48, 254).

It's mostly players from the Clapton Backgammon Club, but plenty of visitors drop in from time to time - joins us, it's friendly and new faces are welcome.


  1. Hi this is german George. I will come tomorrow if that is ok with you. We are a grozp of teachers, would it also be ok if they also come?. Do I have to buy a Board? If so: where should i go to buy one? We will go back to germany next saturday, so no regular. See you tomorrow Then!

    1. Great to have you along. Drop by the next time you're in town!


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