A first-Wednesday-of-the-month chouette in London E5

Come and play group backgammon for small stakes with a bunch of friendly backgammon fans. It's a great way to enjoy playing an intriguing board game, have a little flutter and learn about backgammon tactics and strategies from the discussion that always ensues (once a cube is turned, of course - see below).

Here's what you need to know...

First Wednesday of the month
Any time from 7.00 - 11.00 (It's OK to come late or go early - as long as you settle up!)

If you're new to chouettes, you may have to pick it up as you go along, though there are many places online where you can read about the rules. Here's an example - - here's another - though our rules may vary slightly.
Some of our practices:
No consulting before a cube is turned
The team cubes/takes in sequence
Box takes or drops all of 'first cubing'
£1.00 per point
Jacoby Rule applies
Beavers apply
But Racoons don't

Rules clarification/update (Jan '18)
It was felt worth making the following points…